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The harbour entrance

The harbour entrance is the most hazardous area of the harbour and special vigilance and care is required when passing through. It is only 300 metres wide, with very strong tidal streams particularly at spring ebb and a slow moving chain ferry operates at its narrowest point.

Sailing vessels so fitted please use your engines when transitting the entrance. It may be a source of pride to you to achieve this under sail alone, but it is not safe when congested, and imposes greater risk to other users, especially when the wind is light and the stream strong.

Anticipate the chain ferry's movements. A black ball hoisted at the forward end will indicate its intention to move off the slipway. The white flashing strobe light will be activated to indicate the direction of movement when the engines are engaged. The chain ferry operates to the schedule and has right of way, so please think ahead and try and pass well clear astern of it.

Remember that the chains will be taut in front of the ferry and that they are also a hazard at the rear.

Dinghies sailed by trainees should be towed through the harbour entrance until in clear water outside. Do not lay any mooring, fishing equipment or any other item which may create a hazard to navigation.