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Harbour Control

Poole Harbour Control is the first point of contact for all commercial vessels and many recreational craft using Poole Harbour. Radar and CCTV covering a large part of the harbour from the Swash Channel through to the Wareham Channel assist the Harbour Control Officer in his task of keeping watch on the various activities in the harbour, day and night. Radar, CCTV, VHF and telephone conversations are all recorded and can be used in any investigation into incidents in the harbour.

The Harbour Control Officer is an experienced mariner and is your first point of contact in any emergency in the harbour using:


VTS Information Brochure:

VHF Channel: 14 or 16

Call sign: "Poole Harbour Control"

Telephone: 01202 440230

Fax: 01202 674801

Email: harbourcontrol@phc.co.uk