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Studland Beach

This is one of the most heavily visited beaches in the country. Each year around a million people come to the beach to en joy the natural surroundings and swim in the bay.

When boating or windsurfing in the bay please consider the following. Purbeck District Council byelaws cover the whole of the sea shore area for a distance of 300 metres off shore.

It is an offence to:

  • cause or permit a sail board to be sailed or otherwise propelled to the danger of bathers
  • allow a boat to be driven or sailed in a dangerous manner or without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other persons
  • allow an engine driven boat to be used unless the engine is fitted with a suitable silencer
  • within the areas marked by the yellow buoys, it is an offence to allow a boat to exceed a speed of 5 nautical miles per hour

With so many visiting the beach your co-operation of observing the byelaws will help everyone enjoy their visit. A special note for jet skiers. The National Trust does not permit jet skis to be launched or landed on the beach at Studland.