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Power boats

The most common problem caused by powered boats is excessive speed. Considerable wash is created by fast-moving powered boats, particularly those with displacement or semi-displacement hulls. This can easily cause personal injury or damage to boats sailing or moored nearby.

PLEASE not only observe the speed limit at all times, but keep a good lookout to make sure that your wash is not endangering others in the vicinity, for example passengers disembarking from a pleasure boat, or youngsters in canoes or dinghies.

Remember that your vessel must be navigated with care and caution and at such speed so as not to endanger lives, or cause injury or be a nuisance to others (Byelaw 2a - Page 14).

Large vessels and sailing yachts may not be as maneuverable as you, so anticipate their movement and give way accordingly. Also be aware of yachts or dinghies which are racing. Anticipate when they are likely to change course, for example when approaching channel edges or near a race mark.