View from Goathorn to Brands Bay
Environmental Policy Statement

Poole Harbour Commissioners' objective is to maintain the balance in the harbour between commercial, recreational and environmental interests, at the same time maintaining a sustainable and commercially viable medium sized trust port.

The Commissioners are committed to continuous improvement of their environmental performance by fulfilling their duties relating to conservation, regulation and enhancement of the port and harbour of Poole and complying with relevant UK, European and International legislation.

In implementing this policy, Commissioners shall ensure that they:

1. Environmental management

  • Endorse the principles contained in the European Sea Ports Organisations Environmental Code of Practice.
  • Assess and mitigate environmental risks for all aspects of the Commissioners' operations.
  • Include measurable environmental objectives and targets in business plans.
  • Conduct regular management reviews and audits to identify areas for improvement.
  • Develop a sustainable procurement policy for the business.
  • Record all significant environmental occurrences.
  • Publish environmental performance in an annual environmental review.

2. Resource management
  • Continue to monitor and where possible reduce resource consumption.
  • Seek opportunities to apply innovative technology to reduce emissions and energy consumption.

3. Waste management
  • Continually assess recycling, re-use and waste minimisation opportunities.

4. Communication and training
  • Communicate with employees, contractors, regulators and the general public to ensure people are aware of their roles and responsibilities, and are competent in performing them.

5. Pollution prevention and control
  • Ensure that contingency plans and controls are in place and regularly reviewed and tested, to endeavour to prevent spills of oil, chemicals or potentially contaminating materials.
  • Apply best available technology, without involving disproportionate costs, to plant acquisitions, facilities and activities to advance pollution control and emissions reduction.
  • Pursue good house keeping policies to ensure tidiness on the port estate.
  • It is the Commissioners policy for the ‘polluter’ to pay for the cost of clean up and disposal following land and marine based incidents.

The policy will be reviewed from time to time to embrace changes in the Commissioners' activities and endorsed by the current PHC Chairman