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Conventional quays at night
Conventional Quays

New Quay
Draught - 5.5 mtrs
Working quay - 160 mtrs

Bulwark Quay
Draught - 6.0 mtrs
Working quay - 90 mtrs

Ballast Quay
Draught - 6.0mtrs
Working quay - 80 mtrs


Gottwald HNK170E Mobile Lifting capacity 45t* Can be fitted with an 8 cubic mtr grab
Sennebogen Mobile Hydraulic material telehandler Fitted with grab 4.5 cubic mtrs
NCK Mobile 1 with Lifting capacity up to 16t Cannot be fitted with grabs
Sennebogen HCC6130 Mobile Lifting capacity 35t at 16 metres Can be fitted with a grab

* Under standard lifting condition, heavier lifts subject to individual specification up to 63 tonne.


Additional mobile cranes up to 200 tonne capacity can be hired in if required

Forklift Trucks
A full range of forklifts from 3t up to 32t SWL for cargo movement of all commodities.

Other specialist equipment for handling bulk materials is available.




O Shed – 33 x 33m

P Shed – 40 x 25m

S Shed - 23 x 20m

X Shed – 30 x 20m

Y Shed – 43 x 33m

M Shed (rear section) – 30 x 18m


Total area approx 5,000m2